Podcast Popups Now Available in Public Spaces Throughout Budapest!

Enhance your establishment with our novel offering: Podcast Popups, created by the founder of Budapest.fm, a prominent podcast channel in Europe, and Voice & Copy, specialists in AI-inspired, personalized voiceovers and scripts.

Podcast Bookings


Transform your venue into a storytelling hub with our Free Podcast Popup Bookings. Suited for cafes, bookstores, and workspaces, each booking includes a 3-hour popup schedule: 30 minutes for setup, 2 hours of podcasting time with 2 professional microphones, a podcast mixer, and headphones, followed by a 30-minute breakdown. This service allows you to share your space's unique story, enhancing customer engagement at no extra cost.
For a custom experience with ownership of your podcast content, see our Premium Podcast Popup Service.

20,000 HUF

Upgrade your business's storytelling with our Premium Podcast Popup Bookings. This paid option provides a 3-hour podcasting session — 30 minutes for setup, 2 hours of recording time with professional equipment including 2 microphones, a mixer, and headphones, and 30 minutes for breakdown. It's an investment in your brand's narrative and presence, allowing you to keep the podcast content for your own use.
Looking for a free option? Discover our Free Podcast Popup Bookings for a cost-effective way to engage your audience.

40,000 HUF

Introducing our Remote Podcast Production Service, designed for customers seeking expert production of their podcasts online. All you need is a quality microphone, headphones, and a computer with a reliable internet connection. Our experienced producer will handle everything else, ensuring a seamless and professional podcast experience.
Our service offers up to a 1.5-hour session, which includes:
  • A 30-minute microphone and video check for the host and guest, ensuring everyone is set up with the right configuration.
  • 1 hour of show recording time, where our producer expertly guides the session for optimal audio quality and content flow.


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