Founder’s Mission for

Meet Ray, the visionary who is putting Hungary’s culture and talent on the global map. As the founder of, Ray has created a dynamic platform that showcases the best of Hungary’s talent including the industries of music, film, and tech through the lens of a camera and head of a microphone. With his extensive experience as a music and TV producer, as well as a technology and SaaS enthusiast, Ray’s goal is to established as the go-to destination for anyone interested in discovering Hungary’s unique cultural offerings and business opportunities.

Ray’s passion for Hungary and its people is reflected in every aspect of the platform, from its content to its user experience. His commitment to amplifying the voices of Hungarian-born people as well as expats who have chosen to make Hungary their home is unwavering. Ray firmly believes that Budapest and Hungary as a whole has the potential to become a cultural destination for the world to discover.

Ray’s journey with podcasting began in 2007 when he recognized its potential as a medium to showcase the lifestyle, incredible locations, and awesome people in Budapest and throughout Hungary. He realized that his home continent of North America, and his home country, the United States, knew very little about Central Europe, let alone Hungary. He saw podcasting as an ideal way to share his passion for Hungary and all it has to offer.

At, Ray is always looking for partners who are passionate about content creation and helping others reach their creator goals in life. If you are as passionate about storytelling through video, audio, and podcasts, then Ray and is the perfect collaborators for you.