Talking With Willie – Flow State, Tokaj Region, Elon Musk & Stoic Mediation

Willie and Tom step through the doors of perception to discuss the concept of ‘flow’ and whether or not we, as humans, are destined to chase our death wish. Elon Musk, Aldous Huxley and David Foster Wallace feature prominently, and after a downright rigamarole of technological schizophrenics, Matty Poulton and Marecki call in from London and Berlin. Join these 4 friends for Episode 5 of Talking With Willie: a pan-European discussion on stoic mediation and creative fulfillment in the age of hyper communication.

Call-In Guests: Matty Poulton, Marecki
Guest: János Kocsis
Host: William Gevertz
Co-Host: Tom Bean
Producer: Rayofla Kft.

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