Hosted by: The cultivated Gary Lieberstein, distinguished owner of The Travel Addiction Agency and a connoisseur of elite travel experiences.

Hidden in Budapest’s vibrant heart, the Kolibri Art Studio emerges as a sanctuary of artistic brilliance. Steered by the visionary Bernard Barna Fekete, the gallery unfolds as a mesmerizing tapestry of colors, emotions, and expressions. Specializing in American and International Pop-Art and Contemporary genres, the studio showcases iconic figures like the inimitable Shaq, the spirited Britto, and the profound Hungarian abstract artist, Maria Gyurics, whose captivating work can be savored here:

Ray Brown, an individual of remarkable talent, brings a symphony of sound to complement this visual panorama. Hailing from the bustling world of Los Angeles TV production, Ray’s diverse portfolio includes being an award-winning music producer and musician. Finding a muse in Budapest, he spearheaded, the city’s premier podcast channel, echoing stories, conversations, and the diverse sounds of the Hungarian capital. A testament to Ray’s admiration for Kolibri and Bernard’s passion is his evocative documentary short, which offers a cinematic journey through the gallery, viewable here:

This collaborative evening, envisioned by Ray and Bernard, promises an immersive experience for the senses. As dusk envelopes Sunday, guests will be serenaded by the ethereal notes of the pianist, Norbert Gazsi, and the soulful strings played by the Swedish guitarist, Andreas. Ray and Roland may even add some musical sounds if they’re not too busy keeping the event organized and exciting. They’ll be treated to gourmet culinary creations by Roland’s company amidst the artworks, paired with an exquisite selection of drinks by Gary.

At the Kolibri Art Studio, this event promises to be a confluence of visual, auditory, and experiential delights, crafting an evening of unmatched elegance and connection.

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Host by Gary Lieberstein